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Oh! Hey, there.

I’m a graphic designer and illustrator based in Atlanta. I initially was a traditional artist doing paintings and drawings, but explored the digital realm of art and never looked back. The limitless potential of digital art allowed me to tap into a multitude of digital media, including digital illustration, graphic design, and 3d modeling. 


As a 2021 graduate of Georgia State University’s Bachelors in Art program, specializing in graphic design program, I’ve been able to learn various aspects to graphic design, such as corporate, motion, editorial, packaging, typographic, and web design. I can confidently say I am adept at all things graphic design since coming out the program.


When I’m not designing, you can often find me drawing cool character designs, gaming, or hitting the gym. And when I’m not doing those things, I’m working on creating my own comic. My fascination for illustration was sparked from reading graphic novels which inspired to me to take on illustration. My goal is to inspire others with my art and storytelling just as I was inspired by the graphic novels I read growing up. I hope to have my very own comic series one day.

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